The unusual thirst for power in veteran politicians inspired by rapacity.

The glorious days of Kitui County. Sen David Musila and Gov. Malombe shares a light moment at a function. Photo/file

Guest commentator: Baraka Muli.

The recent political avowals by some of Kitui county leaders on their political aspirations in 2017 is a seemingly a major setback to development in one the country’s largest counties, Kitui.

The county Governor however perceives criticism from his opponents as politically motivated for political gain and elevation.

It’s fairly obvious that no government can operate devoid of assertions, but this scenario begs at least two questions from a fair view:

What new idea do these veteran politicians have on development that they’ve never exhausted in their over twenty years in office? and at what age and conditions would they retire from their pitiable lordship politics?

The answer to the first question is fairly simple, that the Kitui electorate do not need to be college degree holders to comprehend that the unusual thirst for power in these leaders is inspired by rapacity but not the drive to deliver to the people.

In his own words, the Late Chinua Achebe describes the early days of Nigeria as dark, a country held back by corruption , indiscipline, economic injustice and inequality, which i equally endorse to Kitui leadership in the 1990’s and early 2000.

Kitui has faced numerous chronic challenges among them inferior levels of education, inadequate health services, poor infrastructural development and general ill-growth of the area’s economy.

The County government that has been in operation for three and half years has some-wise solved problems that a forty years leadership couldn’t solve.
Thanks to devolution!

Keen political observation reveals that most residents have been unhappy about political wrangles among leaders.

In recent functions, the incumbent governor has described his critics as anti-development leaders and insisted that he’ll deliver to the people as he promised earlier in his campaigns.
The interesting political scenery to watch is the parties these two opponents will employ in achieving their political dreams in the most awaited 2017 elections.

The Rainbow iron lady Hon Ngilu, on the other end is outwardly loosing popularity due to lack of support and trust from the growing crop of Kitui politicians.A lot of political drama is awaited in 2017.

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