Could Kalonzo be stuck in a Political Dilemma?

Former Vice President and Wiper Leader Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka could be caught in a dilemma.

By Guest Commentator: Baraka Muli

Analysts say that political dynamics change often and so is the case in the seemingly troubled Wiper Party on its Kitui gubernatorial candidature come 2017.

In more than one occasion, Kitui governor has reiterated that he will be seeking re-election under the Wiper umbrella and cleared the suspicion of a possible rigging in the nominations.

At the launch of the Mwivaki Water Project recently, in company of the former Chief Justice Dr Willy Mutunga and former defense boss Julius Karangi, the incumbent governor dismissed threats of a possible rigging in the forthcoming party nominations.

“Let no one here think that he can rig me, I am too smart to be rigged” he cleared the doubt in the presence of Wiper Director of Elections and Kitui East MP Hon Marcus Muluvi who observers deem to be a close ally of the Kitui Senator Hon David Musila.

In a recent burial for the late Ukambani veteran politician and icon Hon Eliuid Ngala, Hon Kalonzo mentioned that no one ought to worry concerning the Kitui Wiper nominations. “Hon Malombe, relax, Hon Musila – relax” he said.

The senator has indicated interests for the gubernatorial seat in the next election though criticism on his age has been widely proliferated.

As 2017 nears, Kalonzo has an uphill task to pledge that his house burns not as the senator seems to have an outward influence of the nominations.

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