Despicable dirt menace in Kitui town sponsored by the county government.

Uprooted CDF bins dumped at one of the county offices.

By @Antoh_Muinde

Malombe and his administration continues to encourage poor hygiene and waste management making life around town disparaging, clearly the latest move taken by the county is an indication that the county government cares less about its people and it is determined to make sure that town dweller live in most unfavorable surroundings, signs that the county no longer cares about heaps of garbage choking the town.

For the longest time Kitui residents have cried foul of streets that have become breeding grounds for flies and home to choking garbage that has paralyzed business around town.

Business people say that the stench of garbage has send away customers particularly at eateries and presence of the stinking waste has caused untold suffering to residents and children. The business community has more than once threatened to carry garbage to Governor’s office amid warning from health professionals of a pending health crisis if the Malombe – led government does not address the problem urgently.

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Dirt menace in the county has become an eyesore.
Dirt menace in the county has become an eyesore.

Kitui residents will indeed have to wait for a longer time to enjoy a better ambiance around their working spaces, the county has not only done nothing to curb the eye sore but has now worsened the situation by crushing the last hope of the town dwellers.

The cries seem to have fell on deaf ears, the county official in the full glare of the residents undertook to uprooted every last of the small bins stationed at various places across the town.

Kitui central did its allocation of FY 2014-2015 to ensure that its constituency is fresh and clean by placing dustbins around Kitui town. Without consulting the residents all these bins were collected and heaped in one of Kitui county offices.

Many claim that the dustbins were helping to reduce the garbage that has been piling up in several back streets in town since waste disposal management, failed to work a long time ago.

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This insensitive move by the county officials has rubbed many in the wrong way diminishing any hopes of a sane environment. Many are now questioning the county’s position on managing the deteriorating dirt menace; speculations are rife that the county could just be out to punish its people.

Appalling dirt menace continues to paint the town in bad light.
Appalling dirt menace continues to paint the town in bad light.
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