Kisasi MCA Hon. Kalovo forced back to school to secure his seat.

Pictured; County Assembly of Kitui parliament.

By Baraka Muli,

As the next election’s countdown approaches, imposed leaders are straightening their performance records in a strategy aimed at retaining their seats come 2017.

Hearsays about Kisasi MCA’s educational deficient background is however a matter of interest among the ward’s populace.

In the last Governor Malombe’s development tour of Kisasi ward last week, the incumbent MCA Hon. Kalovo Musau expressed displeasure on allegations by his opponents over his educational background that they claimed is inadequate for the seat.

“Those thinking they can dislodge me on my education roots should know that I am a Master Degree holder. ” He said. “We have private studies system in Kenya” Musau insisted.

“Kisasi ward should benefit evenly from devolution, people must make a wise decision” Charles Mulevu a rival aspirant said in a past interview.

There has been unceasing gossip by the electorate that the dull-witted development track in the ward holds its genesis from the MCA’s incompetency for the post.

The seat has attracted several contestants ready to outdo the sitting MCA. But this is just but a shadow of what is happening across the county as the Member of County Assembly seat continues to attract more interest.

Political out-rival that is seemingly strengthening in the ward is evidently outright that the next election winner or loser is a subject of speculation.

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