Politics surrounding Kitui First lady is uncalled for.

Kitui First Lady Edith Malombe

By @Antoh_Muinde

Political noisemakers allied to Kitui Senator and Former Lands CS, the strongest opponents of the incumbent Governor Malombe have been in the fore bad mouthing the first lady for playing her role so perfectly.

The first lady’s philanthropy has spiked love and hate in equal measure, while beneficiaries of her good will have praised her for her kind heart; the haters have put the Kitui County first lady in the limelight for all the wrong reasons, accusing her of usurping the deputy governor’s role in the administration of county business.

The talk had recently sparked so much heat with debates on whether the first lady should or should not use county resources.

Yes we have witnessed her use red carpet, county vehicles and security among other resources. This should not be an issue under discussion because we all know that Kenya’s first lady Margaret Kenyatta uses state resources including state security and entourage and no one has ever raised an eyebrow.

H. E Uhuru Kenyatta is the head of ‘county’ called Kenya and so is his counterpart H. E Dr. Julius Malombe head of county called Kitui.

This is arguable, but at least this is the truth, I am sure this will attract all sorts of comments and insult but it’s the bitter truth.

Let those who disapprove ‘mama’s’ use of county resources begin with bashing the Kenya’s first lady. Kitui’s First lady Edith Malombe deserves it all.

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