Alcoblow moves closer to drinking dens.

Such test will now be set up outside pubs to deter drunk drivers from driving in a move to tame an upsurge of accidents.

Police armed with Alcoblow will now be stationed at drinking joints in a move meant to ensure drunk individuals don’t get behind the wheels.

Once enforced, every driver leaving the pub will be subjected to the test before they are allowed to get into their car.

“Instead of placing road blocks at highways and waiting for drunkards, the best way to go about it is to prevent people that have taken stimulants from getting into the vehicle,” National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) chair Lee Kinyanjui said.

He said the supervisors will be trained to ensure swift implementation of the measure.Parliamentary Committee on Transport said the move would filter the road off drunkards blamed for rampant accidents across the country.

It is believed that intoxicated individuals often drive great distances before they are arrested, having already endangered a dozen other road users from their origin.

Source: Media Max

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