Gov. Malombe bashes up his deputy; says she is physically unattractive.

Kitui Governor Malombe has publicly expressed hatred towards his deputy who is said to be working with his opponents.

Governor Malombe has dared his Deputy to undress in public saying she is unattractive and physically unappealing for anyone to afford her a second look.

The governor while attending a fundraiser at Itoleka mixed secondary school called his deputy Peninnah Malonza naïve and unappealing.

The governor went on to dare Peninnah to undress and embarrass herself as no one would give her a second look. “I hear my deputy is threatening to undress in protest, but even if she does that, no one will look at her twice because she is not worth drawing any attention.” The governor told a rather surprised crowd.

Many have condemned governor’s remarks claiming that they border hate speech.

The governor who has been at loggerheads with his deputy governor for a long time now, had ironically threatened to cancel a bridge project at Kisayani area because the locals had cheered to his deputy who he accuses of being opposed to his leadership.

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The two have become sworn enemies exchanging bitter remarks in public as they accuse each other of betrayal. The deputy governor is said to have shifted political camps to join Malombe’s close rival Senator Musila.

The governor holds that he picked Ms Malonza because she was recommended by Mutomo people. “ I needed a lady deputy from Mutomo, and so I picked her from a point of anonymity and made her a senior leader but she does not appreciate.” Malombe says.

The public spat from the governor has been trading is likely to cost him a dime as many are unhappy with the altercation. Political analysists have argued that if this is not contained the consequences could be dire for the governor who intends to seek for a re-election in 2017 general elections.

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