Graft worsens in Kitui County as employees beg for pay.

Kitui County Governor Julius Malombe during a press conference at his office on December 11. Photo/ Nation

Employees of the county government of Kitui have cried foul of delayed pay calling on the county chief Dr. Julius Malombe to intervene after senior officers refused to dispatch their allowances that have accrued for over six months.

Juniour county employees at the revenues office have sounded an alarm on money irregularities and have asked the governor to investigate senior officers in his government who have continued to humiliate them by holding up their dues for a long period of time and only released half the money after they had made too much noise.

The money was also dispatched in a suspicious manner through Mpesa without any record whatsoever.

This is not the first time that senior officers have been reported mistreating their juniors while paying them peanuts as opposed to their accrued allowances after spending countless cold night–outs in the field.

Speaking to Athiani FM recently, a revenue collection officer lamented that some senior officials in the revenue office had refused to pay them their dues spanning to six months, and when they finally did they send hapharzard Mpesa topups of half their dues.

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A resident Stephen Kitheka accused senior officials in the county government of working to frustrate efforts by juniors to deliver service to the people in order to secretly fight the administration through humiliating its junior staff who relate to the mwananchi on a daily basis.

Interviews; Athiani FM

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