Merciless sugar daddy will pour more money until this happens.


You saw him in a whatsapp group you check his profile picture. Ooh my! He drives A Range Rover Sport 2015, he is handsome you say to yourself.

He inboxed you, excited you reply asap. You have already fallen head over heels and you want to hook even before he asks you out. You set a date.

You dress up that Legging With No underwear smelling good. You put on a make-up, fresh breath and new weave.He takes you 4 lunch @ Hotel Intercon then drinks At Blu brew you enjoy his company and you two have a good time.

He rubs your hand and makes you laugh giving you nice looks and smiles. You stupidly fall in love and it now feels like you’ve known him Forever. He takes you to his apartment, he makes you feel comfortable and lays u on his bed kissing you passionately. You are suddenly intoxicated by his love his aggression, strength, power and you give in.

At this moment you know it bad but it feels good. You ask for protection and he sweetly says it’s too late. You obey and keep calm. He says he loves you and you don’t hesitate to say you love him too as he hits the candy nice and slow.

After, he goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water he helps you drink it to cool down and you think you have finally met the one, Mr. Right. You’ll get dressed then he takes you to the taxi park. He kisses you on the cheeks and says “I had a great time,” and hands you a bundle of Shs. 100,000.

You smile and say. “See you tomorrow babe.” He stays silent as your taxi drives away. In the taxi u can’t stop smiling when get home and inbox him that you got home safe, he is online but doesn’t reply. It’s unlike him and so you inbox him again even then he refuses to respond.

Minutes later you cannot find him on your friends list. HE HAS BLOCKED YOU. Days,weeks,months passes by you start feeling sick, weak you lose weight and act strange with sores in your mouth. You panic and go to the clinic after a few minutes the nurse walks in. “I’m sorry. You’re HIV Positive and Pregnant ! “.HOW ?” You freeze for a moment.

You don’t understand before long the reality hits you. You walk home scared and confused. You go to the taxi park and you lay hopeless and emotionless. You see death coming nearer, you look into the sky and mumble a prayer. That’s the end of you.

Don’t be that girl !Live well. Stop chasing material things just be a girl you want your daughter to be!


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