Grass or water, roads and food security; Kitui government misplaced priorities

Kitui County governor Dr. Malombe.

The County government of Kitui took to its facebook page to proudly announce a major ‘grass project’ in which the county had ironically distributed 1500 kgs of grass over the last three years.

Although a worth venture the pronouncement has triggered a heated debate on social media with many strongly criticizing the move arguing that the county has more serious matters to deal with rather than worry about grass.

In a county where accessing clean drinking water in the village is a real struggle, one would expect the county government to prioritize water, road and food issues.

“Kitui County being a predominantly rangeland and the populace relying on livestock production as an alternative source of livelihoods, the county government has sought to increase the acreage under quality and sustainable pasture units at farm level and a total of 1,500kg of grass seed was distributed for this purpose benefiting 17 groups and 344 farmers over the last three years.” The post read.

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The statement sparked a serious backlash online with many accusing the county of lacking priority, they held that the people of Kitui were in dire need of permanent water, roads and food problems more than a few kilos of grass.

“Poor roads, lack of water and school fees among other social troubles are some of the matters that the governor should address first.” Posted a youth leader.

The distribution of grass, chicken, goats and plastic chairs witnessed in the past will only serve a few individuals in the society and none of the serious problems facing the people will be solved. As the grass project is said to have benefited a meagre 17 groups and 344 farmers over the last three years.

The residents have called on the governor to reflect back and address real issues that the common mwananchi grapple with every single day.

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