Scathing expose on how senior county officials fleeced out Kitui Show proceeds.

A section of the crowd at the concluded Kitui Show and Trade Fair 2016.

Barely a week after the Kitui Show and Trade Fair closed its doors, a new scathing expose doing rounds on social circles reveals how the Kitui show became a cash cow for senior officials in the county government.

The show that was supposed to generate revenue for the county is said to have suddenly been turned to a time to ‘eat’ for some county officials who without second thoughts engaged in gross corruption and outright theft of public funds as evident from the gate to the tents erected by Tispo Investment Company (the company allegedly owned by County Boss’s Children).

According to the revelation, Chief Officer Agriculture and Director Tourism are purported to have chased away junior offices from the main gate and opted to collect entrance cash by themselves using their inner circle cartels.

They would get cash from unsuspecting public and then issue 1 receipt for 2 people and pocket the difference. People who were in a hurry would not be given receipts and the two would pocket the money.

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At the end of the show, a total of Kshs 2.5 Million is said to have gone unaccounted for.

Personal cars were supposed to be charged Kshs 100 according to the cabinet’s order but these senior officers charged Kshs 300 per car and issued receipts that were meant for lorries.

They had printed their own fake receipt books. There was a fee of Kshs 1,300 for hawkers and other merchants that was supposed to cater for the 3 days inside showground, but the said officers charged them daily issuing fake receipts without dates.

Senior officers in agriculture failed to pay all junior staff and the enforcement officers their allowances. To date the total revenue collected has never been disclosed nor submitted.

To crown it all, the chief officer in the ministry of Coordination gave to herself almost all the supplies tenders in the ministry. A drama was purported to have ensued when she was slapped by her driver (the nephew to the Chief in Charge) for forcing him to carry the supplies to Ithookwe grounds without paying him.

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The expose paints a sorry state of a show that attracted huge traffic and exhibitors but never brought any revenue, it only became another cash cow for senior county officers.

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