Vindictive head teachers in Ukambani using schools’ arson cases to settle personal scores

Mutonguni Sec School when at caught fire last week

As the cases of school arson continues to make news headlines across the country, a new phenomenon is slowly emerging in Ukambani where school principals are taking advantage of the worse situation to fix teachers that seem to be against their leadership.

Reports emanating from our various sources indicate that secondary school principals have taken to punish without due procedure teachers whom they have been holding grudges with under the guise of inciting students to strike and to cause destruction of property in schools.

The principal at Kyamboo Sec school for example, Mr Tuke is said to have wrote a letter to a teacher at the school, Geoffrey Mulei Mueke ordering him to proceed to Migwani police station to record an incitement statement.

It is alleged that the officers at the station declined to adhere to the letter after they sensed mischief, the officers are said to have realized that the principal and the accused teacher had their own personal differences.

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Now the principal is suspected to have intimidated the police for failure to take action on the teacher threatening to report the matter to the Senator, David Musila for further action.

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