Women leaders dare Kitui deputy governor and her supporters to strip naked

Kitui Deputy Governor Peninnah Malonza addresses a group of women at a past event.

The county’s women umbrella group has dared the deputy governor and her supporters to go ahead and strip as they had purported to, in a protest against the public spat by the Kitui county chief targeting his deputy.

The Kitui Maendeleo ya Wanawake leaders told the disgruntled group to go ahead and make good its threats of staging a demo by stripping naked outside the governor’s office to protest governor’s latest attack on his deputy.

County Maendeleo ya Wanawake chairperson Ruth Mulandi while addressing the media on Tuesday together with a caucus of women leaders drawn from the eight sub-counties of Kitui, told Ms Malonza the county deputy governor that they are not intimidated and that they are ready to return fire for fire.

“We shall not sit and wait as a few individuals try to turnish the name of the Kitui governor and plunge the county into chaos.” She said.

The women sought to distance themselves from the views held by the deputy governor and her devotees saying they do not represent the true position of women in Kitui.

Ms Malonza’s had during a recent public rally at Kisayani market in Kitui South threatened to strip naked in public in protest, the women said such thoughts were misguided and lame political tactic to win political sympathy from the people.

The governor accused his deputy of neglecting her official duties to join hands with politicians opposed to his leadership, including Kitui Senator David Musila who has expressed interest in unseating him in 2017.

Source: The Standard.

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