Kitui county embracing social media in a big way but the wrong way!

    A screenshot of a sample post on the county facebook page.

    Following our article on dormant social media platforms for Kitui County government, we applaud the head of Public Relations for taking heed and doing justice to his boss by hiring social media manager for both Facebook and Twitter a position that was never advertised, any way that is beside the point, a story for another day.

    As digital space is with no doubt becoming an important arena for interaction, it would be unfortunate to forget that social media is a double blade that can build and at the same time destroy if not utilized properly.

    Our keen follow up on the Kitui county’s accounts reveals major loop holes that opponents are using to throw missile to the county attracting negative statements about county program and issues, the poorly thought out posts are doing our county government more harm than good.

    One thing the PR team should appreciate is that social media engagement in government isn’t just PR and marketing or telling people about county programs it’s more of reinventing the story itself to make county government more efficient and engaging to its people.

    Shoddy job done by the county’s social media personnel, gives an impression of a desperate people wanting the residents to have or believe in some ideology instead of informing mwananchi through interactive posts that facilitate sharing on development agendas in easy and simple way.

    A government Facebook and Twitter account is the best forum for initiating discussions, debates and calling for action from politically engaged citizens online. This way governments’ online accounts garner huge following and enable measuring of the impact of social media.

    But it appears that the county social media pages have become a part of campaigning for the coming elections with minimal difference between the governor’s political facebook page and the government of Kitui county page.

    The unprofessional admins managing these pages should know that although it’s not illegal to do personal tagging on government pages it is highly discouraged, this sparks personalized attacks on the government social media accounts.

    We have witnessed very questionable posts and unexamined articles on the pages, for instance the team a while ago, put its recruiting agency in a jinx after posting outdated job short list inviting people for interviews.

    Nonetheless,this article is neither meant to attack nor expose county’s weakness but to tip the concerned parties to seek to understand the do’s and dont’s on government’s social media platforms.

    Below are screenshots of posts and comments that show some posts are poorly done and the reactions they evoke.




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