Kitui MCAs elected to ‘eat’

Some Kitui County MCA's at a past function. Photo/File

A massive cover-up of filthy, under-the-table deals and the deep-seated corruption between the MCA’s and county governments is slowly coming to life in Kitui County.

The devolution dream is being wasted by County politicians who are simply “eating” money meant for the citizens, the loopholes are so many, not only jobs but also county tenders are going to people linked to county executives and MCAs.

Members of County Assembly role in counties is to represent the citizens who elect them and ensure that the county government discharges its mandate in providing services to the people. They are not in any way entitled to a share of the county funds.

When it comes to Kitui County government this does not apply. One MCA from a ward in Kitui Central is one man that paints the true picture, a man elected by the people to represent them in the County Assembly has instead chosen to get busy chasing after county tenders.

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His biggest project from Malombe’s government is the tender to install street lights along Kitui – Kwa vonza road.

The law indicates clearly that county government officials are not allowed to apply for tenders from the county government but the MCA’s are flouting tendering rules to acquire projects that have a maximum payback to be undertaken by them and their cronies companies.

The truth is that the people that are supposed to represent us are now trading at the counties. Tenders and jobs go to people linked to county executives and MCAs.

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