Let parents instill morality into their children; TSC Chair Lydia Nzomo.

Inspecting and after The TSC boss inspects guard of honor of Kenya Scouts, Kitui.

By Baraka Muli,

A system of education that holds base on the premise that every individual traces identity, purpose and meaning of life through a positive transition is the way to go according to TSC Chairperson Dr Lydia Nzomo.

Addressing stakeholders at Yumbisye High school yesterday in Katulani Sub-county Kitui, the TSC boss reiterated that parents have a vital role of instilling humanitarian values to their children at early stages.

According to Dr Nzomo, an all-round system of education remains the utmost solution to the myriad of challenges facing the society today in a bid to achieve a well fostered wholistic education.

She called on parents to support education systems in different possible capacities and ensure an individual unique experience for every student who enters a classroom.

In order to accomplish the lofty goals in education, Dr Nzomo asserts that a mutually respectful well laid relationship must exist among all education stakeholders.

Kitui county KUPPET Secretary General Kioko Mutia, Also present at the event called for better employment deals between teachers and their boss, Teachers Service Commission.

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He also advised the present Kenyan parents to establish their role as parents and help children to embrace self-reliance, respect and control.

He noted that education stakeholders in the county are improving on performance and solid yields have been seen.

Kitui county was ranked number eight countrywide in the education performance scale in last year results sending positive signals about the noble work of the county education stakeholders.


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