Musila remarks cause protest within Wiper party

Kitui Senator David Musila

Wiper party Chairman David Musila, who is also eying the governor’s seat in Kitui found himself in the thick of a heated protest after he made remarks implying that Wiper party primaries will be an intra-party affair.

Mwingi Professional Forum and Business Community led by an ally of the Wiper leadr Kalonzo Musyoka, Campbell Munyambu told off Kitui Senator terming it as dictatorial and against the spirit of a free and fair nominations in a democratic party.

“We expect the party to give all candidates a level playing ground, in the quest for party tickets and anything outside that would be a unfair and anount to denying them rights in an electoral process.” He said.

Speaking Saturday during a funds drive at Kamandio Secondary School in Kitui Central, the Kitui senator Musila had dismissed speculations that the party would give him a direct nomination for the governor position but warned the incumbent Dr Malombe to be ready for a fierce battle for the ticket.

Dr Malombe during a public rally at Kilonzo trading centre in Kitui East had expressed fears that there were plans to give direct nomination to his rival so as to lock him out of the 2017 polls.

Malombe, demanded that Mr Musila relinquishes his post as the party chairman so that the two could “compete for the party ticket on a level ground.”

He further demanded the nominations to be conducted by neutral institutions singling the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to ensure credible results.

However, Senator Musila maintained that the party polls would be conducted by Wiper’s elections board as opposed to the IEBC saying the party’s election officials have the capacity to conduct the exercise in a free and fair manner.

Source; People Daily

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