Shocking: A Makueni man grows breasts after stealing neighbour’s ‘ honey pot’

James Mutua (pictured) before and after.

A 39 year old man from Makueni is a devastated man after he started growing breast six months ago, a small sensation that began in 2015 around his chest has now grown to the size of a fully developed woman’s breasts. Standard Digital reported.

The man who had been warned against sleeping with a neighbour’s wife has confessed to have noticed the strange sagging breasts after ignoring the warning.

James Mutua, had been warned by the woman’s husband of a haunting lesson if he crossed the red line. The husband had apparently sensed mischief and decided to secure his honey pot.

Since then Mutua is learning a tough lesson watching breasts resembling those of the woman he slept with grow on his chest for the last six months.

“I have been living like this from 2015, and it all started after I slept with my neighbour’s wife back in the village where I was working,” explains Mutua.

“I felt a sensation around the chest and before long the breasts started developing and became big, forcing me to wear a bra and baggy jackets,” he said.

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Mutua is now desperately looking for a cure for his condition and is of the view that the husband of the woman he was sleeping with decided to punish him through spiritual means.

He further confessed that the first time he slept with his neighbour’s wife, he was drunk and was lured into the act by the woman who had visited him before seducing him.

Source: The Standard.

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