Former students told to collect their withheld certificates

Students undertaking the National Examination.

Kitui Senator David Musila told former students that had not collected their certifcates due to fees arrears to do so immediately.

Mr Musila said the bill he had proposed had already been passed, thus it was illegal for school heads to withhold any certificates of former students as the law safeguarding the same was already in place.

The senator had earlier in February appealed to appeal to all head teachers still withholding certificates to do the honourable thing and release them forthwith for the sake of our children, who would genuinely want to pursue their careers.

The directive comes as a relief to many former students, whose certificates are still being held by schools over unpaid school fees.

Musila was speaking to the Mutha Ward residents when he toured the place, he called on the parents to ensure that their children who had not collected their certificates to do so forthwith, and if they encounter any problem to report it to him.

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He had alluded that any head teacher withholding the certificate wouldrisk being imprisoned according to amendments approved.

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