Gypsum crushing site at Mutwangombe a health threat to residents.


Residents of Ngomano and Mutindwa villages, Kitui County, have said dust from gypsum storage and crushing site is causing health problems. They say their homes have become inhabitable. According to a report done by the Star newspaper.

The report indicated that residents say the dust from the gypsum crushing site is making them ill. On Monday, while speaking to the media they said, since the investors pitched camp in the area one year ago, they have suffered ceaseless coughs and eye ailments.

“Most members of my family, especially the children, have suffered incurable coughs due to the dust. Life has become unbearable and the investors should be made to take action to control the choking dust,” resident Hellen Mutua said at her Mutindwa home.

“Washing clothes here is also a problem. When you wash and hang clothes on the line, they are all soiled by the dust,” resident Mwikali Muli said.

Kamene Mwanzia another resident from Ngomano village said it has become difficult for her family to eat in the open due to the dust.

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“Dust is everywhere; it sifts through our living rooms and bedrooms. We have to constantly dust the place,” she said.

At the crushing site, worker Noor Abdi said the firm is aware of residents’ predicament and the problem is being addressed.

“We are aware lorries leaving and entering the site raise a lot of dust. We are constructing a murram road to reduce the dust,” he said. “We do honest business and we would not wish to see our neighbours suffer.”
But Mutwangombe chief Sammy Maithya has however said no official complaint has been made to his office.

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