OPINION: Let Journalists do their Work

Cameramen and media professionals at an event.

By City Girl

A Kenyan journalist writes to the government I am sick and tired. I am absolutely, utterly, completely, unreservedly sick and tired of all of you. Why are you like this?

Kenyans, and I mean all of you, dislike, loathe and hate Kenyan media with an unprecedented zeal.

If you don’t tweet about how Kenyan media “doesn’t get it”, you will comment on the stories and accuse the poor, innocent journalists of being bribed or “bought” by politicians.

When you are not accusing Kenyan media of being “in bed” with State House, we are accused of being “anti-government” and perpetrating violence by publishing potentially volatile stories.

My problem is not with people who criticise Kenyan media and journalists with good reason because — to be honest — sometimes we do get it wrong. Of course, there are a few bad, greedy apples. I won’t sit here and lie to you on a national paper.

What I have a problem with is the dunderhead know-it-alls who think they are better than all Kenyan journalists put together, and those, ladies and gentlemen are — to use my favourite phrase — the scum of the earth.

Those who criticise from their high horses, how Kenyan media “glamourises cancer”, how we are “too compromised to be objective” and that we are “cartel-owned and controlled”.

Those presidential types, who, from their red-carpeted podiums, reduce our job to simply writing gazeti ya kufunga nyama. These are the same fellows who rely on Kenyan media to cover them and give them significance.

Source: Nairobi News

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