Viral Njoki Chege insult to “County First Ladies” receives rebuke.

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua’s wife Lilian Nganga(centre) with friends enjoying a night out.PHOTO: Tuko

According to writer Njoki Chege, governors’ wives should stop referring to themselves as First lady. She believes that governors’ wives are invading Margaret Kenyatta’s territory by calling themselves First Lady, a title that should be strictly be reserved for the president’s wife.

Her stern message to governors’ wives has been doing rounds on social media and has captured the attention of many. Provoking the attention of iron ladies who have reprimanded her in equal contempt of the insensitive remarks.
Njoki Chege wrote;

I am going to say this only once. There is only one First Lady in this great country in Kenya. Her name, ladies and gentlemen, is Mrs Margaret Kenyatta.

She is First Lady by virtue of being the lucky woman who caught the eye and stole the heart of our president. The president’s woman. The mother of his children.

So, dear wives of governors — all 47 of you — I am going to require you to refrain from referring to yourselves as first ladies, effective immediately. That coveted title ‘First Lady’ is exclusively set aside for the wife of a head of state, not head of a county, you bunch of 47 wannabes.

In Kenya we have only we do not have a First Lady, we have the First Lady. Note the use of the definite article “the”, I know some of you may be a little short on the grey matter to notice what I did there.
There can only be one First Lady in Kenya and that title, that coveted throne, that shiny crown, belongs to the woman who is the official wife of our president.”

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According Njoki the governor’s wives are just wives and have nothing special apart from wannabes.

“Wives of governors are not first ladies by any standards. First, some of their husbands, the governors do not have what it takes to president (let’s be honest here) and some of these “county first ladies” are just too plain Janes to be the First Lady.

They are, as my colleague Joe Mbuthia aptly put it, pretenders to the throne. Grassroots aspirants. Hopefuls. Claimants who wish they wore the First Lady’s shoes. And if you grew up in Eastlands like me, you’d call them First Ladies mwitu . Fake first ladies.”

….”Your job is to offer moral support to your governor husband, like a good long-suffering wife of a politician would. You are allowed to copy the real First Lady by championing causes in your counties to keep yourself busy as your governor husbands entertain Pretty Young Things (PYTs) in Dubai and at the Coast, but you must never attempt to outshine the real queen.” She went on to haul insults.

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The remarks were not received well and reproach posts followed in. Roselynn Omolloh wrote

A screenshot of the reprimanding reply send to Njoki.
A screenshot of the reprimanding reply send to Njoki.
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