Shocking: Meet ‘Eric the Hyena’ HIV+ man hired to have s** with underage girls.

Eric Aniva, Malawian chief of Team Mafisi.

A BBC report reveals a strange cultural practice in some remote southern regions of Malawi, it’s traditional for girls to be made to have s** with a paid s** worker known as a “hyena” once they reach puberty.

The act is not seen by village elders as rape, but as a form of ritual “cleansing”. However, as a BBC Reporter Ed Butler writes, the practice has the potential to be the opposite of cleansing – a way of spreading disease.

Eric Aniva is the hyena in Nsanje district in southern Malawi paid to perform the cleansing. If a man dies, for example, his wife is required by tradition to sleep with Aniva before she can bury him. If a woman has an abortion, again sexual cleansing is required.

Most shockingly, in Nsanje, teenage girls, after their first menstruation, are made to have s** over a three-day period, to mark their passage from childhood to womanhood. Some girls are just 12 or 13 years old.

Astounding enough Aniva is HIV-positive but he never mention this to a girl’s parents when they hire him.
According to custom, s** with the hyena must never be protected with the use of condoms. But they say a hyena is hand-picked for his good morals, and therefore cannot be infected with HIV/Aids.

On 26 July, BBC reports that Eric Aniva was arrested on the orders of Malawian president Peter Mutharika to be charged with defiling children, and exposing them to HIV through “Harmful cultural and traditional practices not accepted in the country.

Eric "Hyena" with his family at his home
Eric “Hyena” with his family at his home

Source: BBC News

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