Kitui County contractors who must tithe to the “most high gods”.

Some of the projects undertaken by the county government of Kitui.

By @Antoh_Muinde

It is without doubt that Kitui County is far much better than it was three years ago, let’s not deny credit where it’s due. This has happened under the leadership of H. E Dr. Julius Malombe.

However, all the good work that Malombe’s administration has undertaken seems to be watered down by some few revelations emerging from his inner circle.

One thing that his political noisemakers cannot cover up; the main reason why this few people make a lot of noise is because they are the main beneficiaries/contractors of the so called development projects.

Close sources reveal that the ‘main’ contracts are given to ‘main contractors’ and is a must for them to give tithe to ‘the most high gods’, top county officials.

Regardless of the company name used the names behind the companies are same, clearly are known to us and to county official.

One example is a contractor who is now preparing to install street lights in Kitui Township. Soon you will be seeing this installation. Not only that but he is said to have a pending work worth more than KES 30 million.

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The same contractor has previously been given less than 500 meters of fencing at an exaggerated cost of close to 4 million.

To fool us and balance the equation a different contractor who is not allied to the administration is given a one floor building at a cost approximately KES 1 million.

If you become too loud and go to complain you are given a placenta pit contract, a bodaboda shade etc. Surely sincerely do these people forget that “hakuna siri ya watu wawili?”

Project underway.
Project underway.
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