Machakos first lady takes on a taboo topic to keep girls in school.

Machakos First Lady addresses the seminar last week.

Machakos first lady Lilian Nganga was among first ladies recently endorsed as champions on Menstrual Hygiene Management program that will seek to educate girls on good sanitation that will ease their time in school.

It is a little traveled road and many have perceived it as a taboo subject yet poor knowledge on menstruation has challenged girls’ ability to remain in school and get an education that is vital to help break the cycle of poverty and plays an integral role in combating gender inequality.

First ladies have played a big role in addressing many challenges, the counties’ first ladies are addressing many social and economic ills that afflict the society today, and which are common to all the counties and now have joined hands to see to it that they breakdown the barriers & challenges surrounding menstruation.

UNICEF estimates that 1 in 10 girls in Africa skip school during their menstrual cycle or drop out altogether when puberty starts.

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Schools are facing absenteeism among their female adolescent students. With limited access to affordable feminine hygiene products for girls living in poverty, the tendency for students to skip school when on their period is common.

To try and help counter this, a new initiative supported by the first ladies is handing out free menstrual education.

We join in to congratulate Machakos first lady on this important milestone and hope that she will put her best foot forward to ensure that girls in the interior Ukambani learn and benefit from the initiative.

Speaking during the First National Training of Trainers on Menstrual Hygiene Management in Naivasha, Nakuru County. Lilian stressed a willingness to push the course saying, “Together with other County First Ladies, endorsed as Champions of Menstrual Hygiene Management we will continue to champion for the role of good menstrual hygiene management in order to ensure our girls stay in school well equipped with information about their menstrual hygiene amongst other things.”

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