5 – storey house collapses in Kariobangi

Residents surround rumble of the building that came down on Tuesday.

Kariobangi residents watched in disbelief as a 5-storey building came rumbling barely six months after it was completed.
This scenery is however not unique in the Nairobi estates as less than three months ago another building caved in affecting close to 150 families in Huruma Estate Nairobi.

Police secure the scene
Police secure the scene

On Tuesday August 2 a 5- storey building that had been earmarked for demolition suddenly came down.
Although the building was meant to be brought down by authorities, money had supposedly exchanged hands between corrupt county officials and the owners and the destruction marks had since been repainted to conceal the warning.
According to the Daily Nation, no one was injured when the house collapsed since all the occupants had been evacuated. The tenants of the house had been evacuated the previous day by the area chief after he noted a deep crack emanating from the building.
The house is said to have been built in a swampy place in a period of less than seven months, and that the residents had raised concerns to the planning department but nothing was being done.

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