Residents Warned Over Unlawful Market Days

Residents at the market place.

By Baraka Muli,

Residents of Katulani, Kitui County on Tuesday took to the roads unsightly demonstrations in Kitui Kavisuni road crippling transport operations at the scene.
The unrest folded up the burning of tyres, wood and stone roadblocks by the residents hindering the unlawful market activities in Kathungi.

Police officers and reinforcement officers of the County government were alert to curb any anticipated unrest in the populous market that serves as the central commercial point of the location.

Public notice by the County government of Kitui stated that the market day for the area remains on Saturday.

“This is to notify the public that the County government of Kitui has not changed the market day for Katulani and Kathungi. Anybody attempting or purporting to do so is in breach of the Kitui County Markets and Produce Act 2014 section B, subsection 14(1)” It read.

The law clarifies that anyone who contravenes the above is liable to a maximum fine of 100,000 or a term of imprisonment not exceeding 6 months, or both.

Stakeholders in the hawking industry that has grown notably in the recent market days in Kathungi are the main party to harmonize with as observed by a member of the clergy in the area Pst Ben Ndula.

He explains that hawkers have experienced high sales margins in the market therefore negotiating to have their operations legalized within considerate period of time.

The County Executive Committee Member for Trade, ICT,Indusry and Cooperatives Jonah Mwinzi through a statement however called upon all members of the public to shun such illegal operations due to security risks involved.

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