‘I will break no sweat to beat Musila and Ngilu.’ Says Malombe

Governor Malombe during a consultative meeting at Ithookwe Showground.

Kitui Governor Dr. Julius Malombe had told his opponent to prepare for a thick fight in the run to 2017 gubernatorial contest, adding that the two aspirants who have expressed interest in the seat cannot match his track record.

Malombe exuded confidence that he would be re-elected next year because his performance as the incumbent gave him an edge over his rivals.

Malombe has told his opponent who have already started their vote hunting campaigns across the county that he has no doubt that he will defeat them.

The governor was speaking during a consultative meeting with Atumia ma Thome elders drawn from across the county at Ithookwe Showground in Kitui Town.

“They gain no leverage by starting their campaigns early across the county, such does not give them any mileage . I will show them dust once I shift into campaign mode because I have all it takes to floor them without breaking a sweat,” said Malombe.

Malombe who is seeking to defend his seat in 2017, said he was busy serving the people that elected him and there was no need for him to engage in early campaigns.

He warned people against being swayed by propaganda and to be objective in deciding on the leaders they want.

“People should elect their leaders based on development record not mere rhetoric. Ask them what they have done for you when they come asking for your votes,” he told the residents.

He further said his government would continue to undertake equitable distribution of life-changing projects across the vast county to ensure that all residents get to enjoy the fruits of devolution.

Source; Daily Nation

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