KOT accuse the President of special preference

Pupils pose for photo with the president

Many have described Mr. Kenyatta as a unique liberal president who has made history by opening the doors of the house on hill to people from all walks of life regardless of their social status.

The president has won himself many hearts including Kenyans on Twitter who have occasionally congratulated the president for his generosity but on Thursday night August 4, things changed when KOT took to social media on a different mission.

A heated debate ensued on twitter, with KOT taking the president to task asking hard questions regarding two controversial pictures that had emerged on social media with President Kenyatta posing with school children.

Although Kenyatta has proved to be fond of children and has regularly opened statehouse to pupils from all classes. The two pictures that sparked the ugly online protest painted a different story.

In one of the pictures the president was posing for a group photo with students from Pembroke House School when they paid him a visit at State House, Nairobi. In this photo the pupils seem to have been accorded a dignitary welcome with each comfortably seating on a chair on a red carpet to share a picture moment with the president.

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While in the other photo, pupils from Titus Ngoyoni Memorial Primary School from Marsabit County who had visited the president earlier on Thursday seem to struggle to fit into the photo frame with some forced to squat at the front while others stand behind the others to fit in with President Kenyatta.

Kenyans on twitter have highly criticized the two photos that were trending in the better part of the evening on Thursday. KOT has questioned why pupils from high end schools were given first class treatment with chairs and red carpet as opposed to the other kids that had to strain to fit in.

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