Shame as propaganda to tarnish governor’s name flops.

Kitui County Governor Julius Malombe

Soon after Kitui Governor Julius Malombe appeared before the senate public accounts committee on Thursday August 4th, propagandists were on check to record any inconsistency.

When the governor was ambushed for failing to provide an extra piece of document that was requested by the committee, the hungry spinners knew their time to punch had come.

They hit hard with hostile remarks addressed to the governor. ,The talk was hyped to the very last of social media site accessible to the Kitui residents describing how the Kitui governor was incompetent and unable to defend himself before the senate committee.

Unreserved member of opposition unafraid to infuse himself on issues opposing his political ideology and a renowned senior propagandist of the rival team was the first to throw the punches.

He wrote,”URGENT: H.E Julius Malombe has been ordered/chased out of the senate Public Accounts Committee when he turned up without a single document to account for Millions of shillings lost in his county govt. Malombe, who brags of his excellent academic qualifications and an expert in “planning” could not even produce documents to show the money used in their today’s trip and that of fueling of their cars from Kitui to Nairobi today….” Part of the message read.

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The response to it was swift and suffused with outrage. Soon he found himself in the thick of a controversy being roundly criticized for his social media post just hours after news broke that only one document was missing among many that the governor had availed to the committee.

From a report by KBC Channel one, the Kitui County governor is said to have lacked a crucial document that was a requirement for the meeting, the report also dispels rumours that the governor was chased away.

The governor was also surcharged to cater for the expenses of his entourage and the committee members as a result.

A follow up on the same with the County Chief Public Relations officer Mr. Nzese revealed as much, Nzese said those peddling rumours to tarnish governor’s name are doomed to fail.

He said its was only a matter of a miscommunication,the committee members had insisted that every member needed to be issued with a copy of the document tabled, something that the governor and his team had not factored in, the opposition was up to take advantage.

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However, the propaganda that was meant to manipulate the people’s emotions by displaying facts selectively flopped miserably. This is a tactic the opposition has been using to sway voters into their bandwagon.

Screenshots of the controversial messages shared across different platforms.
Screenshots of the controversial messages shared across different platforms.
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