Did Gov. Malombe promise heaven and earth to the people of Nuu?

Kitui Governor Julius Malombe.

Kitui governor Julius Malombe visit to Nuu sub-county on August 5 left Nuu residents a happy lot after the governor promised a basket full of goodies for the residents. The governor had attended a harambee where he also sought support from the Nuu people in his re-election bid.

The county boss said education form an integral part of the society and there is need to support it to run better. The governor promised upgrading of various learning institutions within the sub-county and improved security by installing street lights at various markets.

His tour of Nuu will have borne a lot of fruits if all that was promised would be implemented in good time.
The governor promised many projects which includes; construction of two ECDE classrooms in Kiliku and Kyambu Primary Schools and roofing of a classroom at Nyaani Primary which was blown by wind.

Malombe said he will see to it that street lights are installed at Nyaani Market including a transformer that would supply electricity at Kithituni Primary School and provision of boarding beds and mattresses for Kavuti Primary.

The governor said he will also initiate construction of Kathanze Health Centre complete with fencing and a gate.
He promised eight classrooms for Kathanze Secondary School, at Yatwa he said two classrooms, a laboratory and fencing would begin for Yatwa Secondary School.

This would also see the Yatwa market lit by installing street lights to promote commercial activities. The governor said the grading of Ndiamumo-Yatwa-Engamba road is also in his plans.

His critics have argued that the governor’s visits to major towns and many promises he has been making could just be a gimmick to campaign for his re-election and many are skeptical that all that he has promised would be implemented before his first term comes to an end.

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