Kitui cannot be run by Twitter/Facebook ‘prenuers.


Social media is bound to highly influence the wave of politics among the youth in Kitui as a new crop of self-proclaimed watsapp, twitter and facebook gurus emerge.

Many ‘social media-entrepreneurs’ have embraced the use of social media platforms and are evidently positioning themselves to make a kill during the campaign period ahead of the 2017 general elections.

What is being witnessed presently is a clear indication of a fiery rivalry among these individuals as they work to pull more crowds to their preferred political sides. In the recent past we have seen these ‘preneurs fighting, kila mtu akikaza ngozi upande wake.

Gubernatorial candidates have been the center of bitter exchange of words in online battles especially in Whatsapp and Facebook. Some do not even spare a word in defence of thier own camps.

Althhough online space is likely to play key role in shaping the 2017 voting pattern especially among the youths the political wave on the ground (Mashinani) will be the main determinant.

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Some of the text picked from various social platforms reveal of a situation about to get uglier.

[8/6, 19:03]: Naku ung’ethesya silikali ya e Musila unoe, … Muvuvie vilingi tu. Uthelela vau mana… Ikala ukyene avai.
[8/6, 19:06] County PRO, speed ila ngwona usembethetwe ni Malombe ndikwona faida uncle, na niwisi nunaateee Ng’ombe syaku, chunga sana
[8/5, 10:06] Mimi niko team Malombe lakini ngilu amefanya mengi kalonzo wenu amefanya Nini ? Nimetoroka tuonani jioni
[8/5, 10:11] ‪Plz misuse youth from Macha but wachana na wa Kitui plz.‬‬
[8/5, 12:40] Naye ngilu anasema mkichukua kura anaweza kuwa kalonzo akiwa makamu, Senator ni age-mates na Moi.

The talk goes on.

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