Women urged to unite to fight social injustices, Deputy Governor Peninnah

Kitui Deputy Governor Peninnah Malonza addresses women groups.

On Saturday August 6, H.E the Deputy Governor, Peninah Malonza attended the Annual Rural Women Assembly organized by the Women Association of Kitui (WAK) to deliberate on issues of women, especially on justice and the need for women to unify and build a strong force.

The women discussed Kitui Women Economic Empowerment and access to justice most importantly they emphasized on the importance of unity among the women of Kitui alluding that unity is strength.

The Deputy governor encouraged the women to be aggressive and seek justice on matters that infringe on their rights especially on matters of land and fair representation and asked them to unite and dispel the believe that the woman’s place is at the kitchen as this is no longer true.

The women association WAK is an association of women who have taken upon themselves to highlight social injustices targeting fellow women and initiating processes to fight for the right of these women.

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Their latest call being the fight for women and children in the mineral rich areas of Kitui who have suffered in the hands of irresponsible husbands and witty investors, most women in Ngaai, Mui and Kanziko mineral rich areas have been rendered homeless forcing WAK to intervene on the rights of women to land.

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