Eighteen people killed in a mysterious road carnage along Masii- Mbumbuni road.

Remains of a bus that claimed lives of 18 people

On the night of Saturday August 6, a disastrous road accident occurred along Masii-Mbumbuni road killing claiming lives of eighteen people, a bus was involved in an head on collision with a Nissan Mattau heading to Kagundo Near Ngani bridge before it plunged into a river.

The bus is said to have been ferrying close relatives from a dowry ceremony in Kangundo when it suddenly crashed on the Nissan Matatu that was fast approaching. Eighteen people have been reported dead and score are nursing injuries.

Over the last four years, close to a hundred people have lost their lives in three separate road accidents along the 25 km stretch of road along Masii- Mbumbuni highway.

All the accidents have involved buses from Kangundo, either going or returning from a mission of dowry settlement.
On the fateful Sarturday night things were not any different as the bus that was involved in the carnage was coming from a mission in the same area. Kii nikyo kyau aume?

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