Exposed: Fraudulent health officers using county ambulances to fleece patients in Kitui..

Kitui County ambulances during their launch in 2015

County ambulances in Kitui County General hospital meant to help patients access medical attention with ease have been taken advantage by unscrupulous hospital officers who have turned them into a lucrative business fleecing off desperate clients.

The officers have mastered the art and intentionally overcharge the patients looking for the ambulance services, this seem to have become a money-spinning business venture by a few of hospital staff.

When KO got a wind on the fraudulent business, we set out to undertake our investigation and the revelation is quiet disturbing.

For one to be given an ambulance, one is expected to either cough out some good money or cost-share the money through opting to have your patient share the ambulance with another patients.
In the case that the money is not provided one is then forced to seek for other means of transport.

A story of Musyoki Mwanza (not real name) is one that is quite saddening, we caught up with the guy whose relative was very ill and had been referred to Machakos Hospital.

Mwanza was unable to raise Kshs. 10,000 asked by the officers neither did he have even half the money to cost-share the ambulance with another patient who was endedn to Kenyatta National Hopistal. This is contrary to the set rates of below Kshs. 3000.

According to our investigation a patient is supposed to pay Kshs. 30 per KM as opposed to the humongous amount asked by the conmen officers.

This tells of the sorry state that we are exposed to due to negligence and lack of supervision in a grand county hospital.

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