Revealed: Gov. Malombe’s secret oath of allegiance.

Kitui Governor Julius Malombe.

The fear of losing control of billions of shillings in Kitui county seems to send chills to our governor Malombe.
The governor is now going overboard to beat the eminent threat.

He is strategizing on how he can effectively secure a second term despite veteran politicians who have expressed interest in his seat launching fiery political tussles.

The governor has been on record asking for another term in office to complete the development projects he had initiated, and evidently the governor will stop at nothing to secure his seat.

Latest revelations from a source in Malombe’s inner circle intimated that, strategy no. 1 for governor Malombe has been imposing local contractors to swear allegiance to him and spread his political gospel.

For the longest time it has been claimed that once given contracts by Malombe’s administration as a contractor your freedom of political indulgence is held captive.

As a Malombe contractor you are given a condition to support and only support H. E Malombe politically, consequently your freedom of movement is limited. Indeed nothing comes for free.

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Our source inform us that once you enter into this agreement with ‘Malombe’s team’ there are some DO’s and DONT’s.

In a nutshell one should not actively attend opposition rallies especially those of Kitui Senator David Musila and Mwingi Central MP Joe Mutambu, these are sworn political enemies of the incumbent.

Malombe’s contractors are said be having ‘political’ meeting where they strategize on how to convert more people to Malombe’s camp. This team has been targeting vocal individuals in the county and are always the first people to address the public during Malombe’s gatherings.

This leaves much to be admired as political drumbeats continue to sound louder, we can only watch the space. His opponents are however capitalising on their popularity and incumbent’s failure to fulfil promises and perceived mismanagement of resources in the county to build their cases against the county boss.

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