Miraa chewing taking a toll on our youth, Kitui County boss told to engage idle youth.

Miraa has been termed as an addictive drug that dire health consequences

A concerned resident of Katulani in Kitui Central has commented the Governor of Kitui for initiating various projects that have transformed people lives, but at the same time the elderly man has spared no word in blaming the governor for the woes befalling youth in his home areas.

The man identified as Mungui told the governor to create in his government opportunities for the youth to save them people from chewing Mughuka.

“ As a parent I am deeply saddened by the new trend of the youth who hang out in cocoons to chew the drug all day. That is why we are lagging behind. I call upon the Governor to create opportunities for the youth to keep them busy.” The agitated resident said.

The man blamed the Kitui county government for not prioritizing the needs of the youth who are the leaders of tomorrow. Mr. Mungui said that the future is doomed if an intervention does not come sooner.

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Khat has been known for contributing to increased insecurity and poverty only destroying lives, breaking families and pushed poverty to levels higher.

The man who spoke during a meeting hosted by the governor over the weekend, urged the county government to engage the youth in income generating activities instead of wasting away their lives.

The remarks come a few days after Members of County Assembly of Makueni tabled a similar bill to outlaw miraa and minimize its usage.

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