Why Muthama has no choice but to defend his senatorial seat.

Senator Muthama would score a low 8 pc against Mutua in the governor race.

Governor Mutua could win with a landslide in 2017 giving Muthama a run for his money if put head to head during the next year’s general elections, research reveals.

Trends and Insights for Africa (TIFA) Research shows that Mutua would carry the day with a 81 percent of the voters, while the incumbent Senator Muthama would garner a meagre 8 percent.

Although Senator Muthama has not yet expressed interest for the governor seat, the polls are indicating that the all-time favourite among Machakos residents remains Governor Mutua.

The report that was released on Monday August 8 was done between July 28 to 31 this year through face to face interviews in which 538 registered voters were sampled.

But if Muthama would go unopposed if he chooses to mainatin his senatorial seat, the reseaarch shows he has the highest support levels at 34% for the senator seat followed by Wavinya Ndeti and Boniface Mutinda Kabaka at 13% and 7% respectively.

Governor Mutua seemed popular among the majority of respondents who held that Mutua had brought development to the county while those supporting Muthama said they did so because of his political party affiliation.

Mutua’s other rival Wavinya Ndeti only enjoys 5 percent support while his Machakos Deputy Governor Bernard Kiala has a 3 percent in the Machakos Governor’s race.

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