Heavy charcoal burning likely to wipe out Kitui Forest cover.

Sacks of charcoal ready for ferrying.

It’s close to a month since Kitui County government took a stern move to ban sand harvesting in Tiva and other main rivers across the county but little has been done to curb the destructive habit of charcoal burning in Kitui.

Initially the government had banned ferrying of charcoal in large quantity but it seems to have relaxed its stance and now charcoal business is quite booming as long as one has a permit.

With the relaxed laws, lorries are now ferrying tones of charcoal in broad daylight. Most affected areas being Mwingi and its environs, at some part Mbitini.

At this rate the fate of the little forest cover in Kitui hangs in the balance with fears that it could be wiped out in a few years.

It is clearly about that time that the county government needs to bring all parties on one table to address the situation. Charcoal burning should be banned with immediate effect as it is likely to destroy our forests that offers water, pastures and honey to the local community.

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An unconfirmed rumor has it that the responsible department keeps on receiving bribe from charcoal barons based in Nairobi and Central Kenya and the truth of the matter is sand is also still be harvested in Kitui especially in small rivers at night.

Let the Governor Dr. Julius Malombe take action and declare total seizure before it’s too late.


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