Kamba music sensational Alex Kasau accused of being “illuminated”.

Popular musician Alex Kasau aka Katombi.

A popular Kamba musician Alex Kasau aka Katombi known for his hit song “Nguuni Lovers Lovers” is man under siege after rumour have emerged that he could be behind the sudden death of his own brother.

The preparations for his brother’s burial have been on top notch at their home in Nguuni, Kitui County but the villagers seem not contented by the fact that the brother died out of natural death with many alluding that the popular Kamba sensational has a part to play in the whole saga. The brother is however said to have succumbed to lung cancer.

Katombi is popularly known for his hit song Nguuni Lovers Lovers.
Katombi is popularly known for his hit song Nguuni Lovers Lovers.

Street talk has it that Alex Kisinga aka Katombi could be behind the death of his brother, mourner at their home preparing for the burial of the deceased have also evidently been speaking in low tones speculating the same story.

“Inywe musovya kavuli ka mundu unathembiwe”, a mourner was overheard asking quietly.”Katombi anekie ou kulingana na masharti ma maimu kenda akwate mbesa”, the talk went on.

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Katombi is accused of sacrificing his brother to amass wealth from the evil world in the newest craze taking over popular celebrities, where many are said to derive their wealth and fame.

Katombi mwene
Katombi mwene

Whether the rumour is true or not, the Kamba nation ideally does not believe in natural death and people should let the popular Kamba music sensation mourn the death of his sibling and allow him to lead his life peacefully.

” Nindi mundu mwiu ko wendete ata”. After all, matters of death are a mystery and we should not be the first people to judge and create ‘fear’ around the deceased cause of natural death.

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