Be on the know: On- the-spot charges for minor traffic offences.


Police corruption cartel pocketing millions of shillings from traffic offenders will be a thing of the past if provisions by NTSA will be followed to the letter.

Traffic offenders who plead guilty to minor traffic offences will no longer have to appear before the court, in a NTSA schedule published early February on-the-spot fines for minor traffic offenders to ensure motorists do not pay police bribes.

The offences include driving without identification plates, speeding, driving on a pavement or on a footpath and driving without a licence.

The move will reduce arrests, towing vehicles to police stations and other avenues used by traffic police and court officials to solicit bribes.

These measures are expected to end waste of time and resources by minor traffic offenders, the police, the court and prosecution.

Failure of a vehicle to display reflective life savers will attract a Sh2,000 fine.

Obstruction will attract Sh10,000, while failure to stop when ordered by a uniformed police officer will attract a fine of Sh5,000.

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Driving without a valid driving licence will be fined Sh7,000, while failure to renew will cost Sh1,000.

Failure to wear a seatbelt will be fined Sh500, and failure by a PSV driver or conductor to wear badge and uniform will attract a fine of Sh2,000.

The full list of the scheduled minor offences can be downloaded below.


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