Masifi Sacco in trouble if new bill is passed

Busia Women Representative Florence Mutua

Mafisi Sacco will be in trouble if a new bill presented before National Assembly by Busia Women Rep Florence Mutua is passed into law.

Men with the habit of ogling at women in Kenya will face stiff penalties, if a new Bill is enacted into law. The bill seeks to amend the Sexual Offenses Act.

The bill has already gone through the First Reading and seeks to expand the definition of indecent act, increasing penalty for various offences two fold and it will outlaw out of court settlements.

The bill is already as contentious and the women representative is, she is already spoiling for war and readying herself for a showdown in the National Assembly.

Ms Mutua’s Bill seeks to tie loose ends in the Act that was engineered by then nominated Member of Parliament and now Supreme Court Judge Njoki Ndung’u.

If the law passes, someone will be punished for as little as looking at the opposite sex without their consent.

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Mutua’s law has defined what indecent act means to include, any contact between any part of the body of a person with the “genital organ, breast or buttocks and exposure”.

The Bill seeks to stop plea bargaining and out of court settlement in cases involving sexual offences.

Source: Nairobi News

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