Malombe’s International Youth Day a big joke

Some youth display banner at the event in Kitui Town.

As the world marked the World International Youth Day yesterday August 12, youth in Kitui County were given a raw deal.

In what seemed like a swift make-shift event organized overnight to fleece the county of some allowances, the event was poorly done with barely any laid down plan nor a program, the county officials failed terribly to deliver.

No efforts had been made to sensitize the youth about the event that saw bare seats overrides the number of attendees.

Low turn out recorded at the Youth event was pertubing.
Low turn out recorded at the Youth event was pertubing.

The few youth who had graced the occasion went home with sunken spirits as such an important day has suddenly been denounced and denied the attention it deserves.

As Malombe and his administration finalized their retreat in Mombasa his staffs were busy looking for ways to squeeze cash from the county government.

Our sources indicate that the event was hurriedly planned by county government officials and some self-proclaimed youth leaders to ensure that a budget was released.

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Enough said, International Youth Day in Kitui County was clearly poorly organized as banner for the event was placed at night just hours to the event.

There was neither decorum nor a program to follow as one person, oddly given chance to entertain the ‘crowd’ went on to say how he had no clue about the event only he had overheard the noise that pulled him to the venue, “Nakilya nivitukite newa kelele na nasya eka nilike nimanye nikyau” With close to 100% of speakers drawn from County govt.

To further discriminate the Kitui youths they were given blue ‘nylon’ round-necked T-shirts while Malombe’s crew had cotton polo shirts.

It was appalling to see the much awaited day flop with little to take home as no agenda for the youth was even floated by the county.

The government of Kitui continues to offer little backing in supporting the youth, neither in talent, business nor sports.

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Other parts of the country celebrated in style
Other parts of the country celebrated in style

This has left Kitui youth bitter and unhappy with the county even has other counties in the country celebrated the day with pomp and glamour.

The International Youth Day, which for the last 15 years has taken place annually on 12 August, aims to spotlight young people’s energy, innovations, imagination and initiatives, as well their potential to drive change.

This year’s celebration aimed, in particular, to raise awareness of the social exclusion experienced by youth living with mental health conditions in Kenya.

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