Alex Kasau aka Katombi, Kamba music sensation dispels claims he killed sibling

Katombi mwene

“No, I didn’t “kill” my brother.” Musician Alex Kasau told Kambaland, the Kamba music sensation who has garnered a lot of support from fans who enjoy his music said the people spreading the rumour are just but being malicious as he was quite struck by the death of his brother.

Katombi was responding to an article we wrote on Friday unravelling the story that was the talk of town, neighbours and friends who had come to send off the brother did not seem convinced that the deceased had succumbed to long fight with a terminal illness.

“Popular Kamba musician Alex Kasau aka Katombi has dismissed claims by section of his rivals and media outlets that he sacrificed his own brother. Kitui Online published the article revealing how villagers questioned the sudden death of his brother. “Katombi anekie ou kulingana na masharti ma maimu kenda akwate mbesa”, read the article in its website. ( ) Katombi has defended his innocence but wants the Kitui based blogger to concentrate on politics matters only.” Kambaland reported.

Screenshot of the message by Kambaland.
Screenshot of the message by Kambaland.
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