Ridiculous expenses cost County Ministry millions as other projects stall.


By: Derreck Kiio

Although for a good course concerned residents of Makueni have raised an alarm over the unnecessary loss of millions of taxpayers cash as a result of mischievous expenditure in the county government.

Reports reaching KO indicates that a the Ministry of Education and ICT in Makueni County under the leadership of Minister Ruth Kyatha loses over Kshs. 2 Million every time it dispatches bursary checks to needy students across the county.

It is said that the county pays each school principal Kshs. 3000 to collect their students’ checks from Wote, the county headquarters.

“It’s unfortunate that the Ministry can spend millions of tax payers’ money to deliver students bursaries to schools while there a thousand cheaper ways to deliver such to schools.” A disturbed resident whose name we have withheld complained.

“Whichever way you look at it, it’s wrong! Our society is in dire need of food security, roads and water which a far much important, for the county to afford a single misappropriation of public funds.” He went on.

In an example, Nzaui District which has around 50 secondary schools had the county part with Kshs. 150,000 not as additional catch in bursaries but as administrative cost that went in as fare reimbursements made to teachers.

Many believe that the little money given to teachers is only but the tip of the iceberg as the administrative cost that goes into issuing the bursaries is not known.

One of the register said to have been signed by various principals
One of the register said to have been signed by various principals
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