Pupils in Kitui Rural brave harsh weather as area MP settles vendetta

Poorly thatched mud structure at Mumbe primary school occupied by class one pupils.

Gentle voices emanating from a distance at Mumbe primary school are children eager to grasp from their teacher, sounds of the class one pupils first capture your mind before the reality dawns on you upon arriving into the school.

A dilapidated old mud-walled structure, one that could easily pass for a typical chicken house is what the little beautiful souls call a “classroom”.

The class which houses over 64 pupils is an ugly image that seating political leaders has continually gave a blind eye to year in, year out despite desperate calls for their intervention from teachers and parents.

Mumbe Primary School located at Kanyangi Ward, Kitui Rural Constituency falls in the able hands of Kitui Rural MP Charles Nyamai who has millions of money in his CDF kitty but refuses to give a darn on the suffering of the innocent children who have to brave the morning cold and the scotching hot sun during the day as they crave to learn.

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The state of some schools in Kitui Rural is appalling.

“The reason the area MP has been adamant in developing this school is merely because of a personal vendetta he harbours for some opinion leaders neighboring the school.” A source intimated to us.

Those suspected to have a grudge with the MP are one Martha Wambua and MCA Itila Nanga who people say have political differences with the MP.

The residents believe that the personal difference among the leaders is the genesis of their woes and underdevelopment around the area.

Mheshimiwa has however been setting a bad precedence as the school is in the same locality with Nzambia Primary a school that we featured a while ago.

With no action nor response from the honourable member, it seems the trend is likely to last a while, at least until the electorates know better.

Nzambia Primary School whose roof was caving in when we featured the story last last month.
Nzambia Primary School whose roof was caving in when we featured the story last last month.
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