Youth want Mutahi Ngunyi to return NYS money he was “Overpaid”

Mutahi Ngunyi firm is said to have been overpaid for consultancy services offered to the then Waiguru led NYS.

National Youth Council has given political analyst and commentator Mutahi Ngunyi 14 days to return money he allegedly “ looted” from the National Youth Service and money said to be part of the Kshs 791M saga.

NYC Chairman Dishon Atemo said the council will mobilize the youth countrywide to have those who looted from Kazi Kwa Vijana and Youth Fund apprehended and made to return the loot.

He said if Ngunyi does not act he risks being caught up in court battles and facing mass protests from the youth.
In June, Ngunyi had said he would refund any excess monies paid to a consulting firm associated with him for “further advisory services on implementation of the NYS vision.

“It is heartbreaking to see some of the individuals who were caught red-handed are still roaming free and even issuing conditions on how they can return monies allegedly stolen from the youth of Kenya, ” NYC Chair Dishon Atemo told the media at Chester house on Sunday.

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Mutahi’s Consulting House is one of the companies said to have benefited from deals worth Sh2 billion at the National Youth Service, inclusive of the Sh791 million that was illegally paid out to suppliers facing charges in court.

The council further said that some individuals have grabbed land belong to NYS and asked the land commission to investigate and repossess the parcels to the youth for their projects.

Source: The Star.

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