KRC Politics taking shape

Kitui Rural MP Charles Nyamai (pictured) faces tough rivalry ahead of 2017 general elections

By Guest Commentator

The forthcoming 2017 general election has already attracted several aspirants for various positions in Kitui, just a year ahead of the general elections.

The change of events in the vast Kitui Rural Constituency, popularly branded as KRC is a very exciting scenario.

The seat won by the sitting MP Hon. Charles Nyamai has drawn more than three aspirants already and seems to be attracting more opponents each single day on the road to the general elections.

The sitting MP has been accused by his opponents and electorate of being so inattentive in handling the constituency concerns affecting the KRC electorate.

Word doing rounds indicate that his lack of priority in developing the constituency and only focusing on CDF roofing have placed the MP in a political self-indulgence.

Sycophancy of members in the ill-reputed KRC WhatsApp group is doing the MP more harm than good as observed by a group of elites in the forum.

KRC is a populous constituency facing a myriad of challenges yet to be addressed.

The sorry state of the constituency and the Tiva river political borderline is a disquieting subject matter in the present day KRC politics.

As majority of the aspirants use whatapp political groups to foster their campaigns, others have invested thier energy on the ground mobilizing the residents where the real voters are, most notable among these ones is Nicholas of #TeamMutemi who is said to bowed to pressure from residents to contest for the seat,he has initiated several projects under his “Changia Maendeleo Initiative”.

Patchy development patterns in the constituency with some areas decrying isolation is out rightly the notable motivation behind the several entrants into the KRC Parliamentary race.

The constituency electorate is already in an election mood with different teams formulating their winning bid. (#TeamMwalika, #TeamNyamai, #TeamMutemi, #TeamKiilu, #TeamKasee, #TeamKiindiu)

Political moves are expected with some aspirants likely to drop their bid as are just in it to hype the talk and ensure the sitting MP does not clinch the seat come 2017.

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