“Pride will kill this man” – Ngilu

Mama Ngilu has redefined the meaning of humility as she sits on the ground with women engaging them in a chat

Former Lands CS and Narc Party leader who has expressed her interest in the Kitui gubernatorial race is on the incumbent’s case and she has become the number one critical of the Kitui governor Julius Malombe.

Ngilu while on her campaign trail has been critiquing Malombe’s leadership asking difficult questions meant to disapprove on the suitability of the incumbent to run for another term.

Recently when Ngilu met teachers at Kitui Hotel she slammed the Kitui governor for being to self-indulged in headship and according himself royal stature having forgotten how just the other day, he toiled and weaved every corner of the county desperately looking for support.

“Whose office is he calling his? that office belongs to you people and he is there because you gave him a contract and after all this contract is soon reaching expiry.” Ngilu snapped.

The Narc leader hopes to clinch the governor’s seat in the next year’s polls and has been on vigorous campaign mode traversing the county looking for political support.

The former CS was speaking during a consultation meeting with teachers in Kitui County over the weekend where she promised to deliver the county from where the incumbent governor has failed.

She did not hesitate in pointing out at the resources Kitui boss is using in his political functions. Ngilu asked if incumbent Malombe used red carpet during his campaign.

“Vaingwa mundu utatumia syoo ila alimu maitu mautumia.” Ngilu said mocking the use of red carpet and executive mobile toilet carried along for the governor during his visits around the county.

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