Warning!!! Machakos mechanics conning motorists!

Rogue mechanics make money by charging clients and stealing spare parts to resell from unsuspecting motorists.

A victim of a broad daylight swindling has written to warn fellow motorists against being tricked by a gang of mechanics who pose good samaritans at the busy Machakos street along Kitui-Machakos road near the bus park.

“They have mastered their art of conning and will wave at you to stop indicating that your front tyre is loose and once you slow at stop they will quickly convince you to have it checked by removing the tyre.” He says.

They behave like professionals, so once you agree they will remove the tyre and quickly tell you that your bushes and thyroids are worn out and they require replacement.

The unscrupulous mechanics work in harmony and have colluded with spare parts shops, they will ensure you replace and take you to spareparts shop, the parts will cost you up to Kshs 10,000 then they will charge Ksh. 3,000 for labour.

“Once you get back to the car they will return your old spare parts and take back the new spare parts back to the spares shop.” He narrates.

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They are said to be working in pairs or three to puzzle you. Many motorists have fallen prey especially lady drivers.

The message has gone viral on Whatapp alerting everyone to be vigilant as the cartel continues to frustrate more people with the responsible authorities showing no indication in curbing the crisis.

We must be our brother’s keeper. Let’s be kind and share this warning widely.

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